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Category-related with Football Emoticons.

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Luge 1

Luge Nº 1

Medal 1

Medal Nº 1

Mountain climber 1

Mountain climber Nº 1

NFL Football 1

NFL Football Nº 1

NFL Football 2

NFL Football Nº 2

NFL Football 3

NFL Football Nº 3

NFL Football 4

NFL Football Nº 4

NFL Football ball 1

NFL Football ball Nº 1

NFL Football ball 2

NFL Football ball Nº 2

NFL Football ball 3

NFL Football ball Nº 3

NFL football helmets 1

NFL football helmets Nº 1

NFL football kick off 1

NFL football kick off Nº 1

NFL football player 1

NFL football player Nº 1

NFL football player 2

NFL football player Nº 2

NFL football player 3

NFL football player Nº 3

NFL football player 4

NFL football player Nº 4

NFL football player 5

NFL football player Nº 5

Olympic torch 1

Olympic torch Nº 1

Olympic weightlifting 1

Olympic weightlifting Nº 1

Olympic weightlifting 2

Olympic weightlifting Nº 2

Penalty NFL Football 1

Penalty NFL Football Nº 1

Pool 1

Pool Nº 1

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