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Apples emoticons pack

To download emoticons just click on the emoticon of your interest and on the next page you will see the link to download.

Apple cheerful 1

Apple cheerful Nº 1

Apple crying 1

Apple crying Nº 1

Apple emoticon 1

Apple emoticon Nº 1

Apple eyes pop out 1

Apple eyes pop out Nº 1

Apple protesting 1

Apple protesting Nº 1

Apple with mucus 1

Apple with mucus Nº 1

Doubtful apple 1

Doubtful apple Nº 1

Enamored apple 1

Enamored apple Nº 1

Enamored apple 2

Enamored apple Nº 2

Sad apple 1

Sad apple Nº 1

Sarcastic apple 1

Sarcastic apple Nº 1

Sorrowful apple 1

Sorrowful apple Nº 1

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