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Welcome to Planeta Emoticon in English, the largest site of Spanish-speaking to emoticons selected Now in English!

Here you will find a lot of selected msn emoticons for Messenger, cataloged and edited to be viewed as best in your Windows Live Messenger, MSN Messenger or similar.

And as if this were not enough, we also have emoticons search engine to make things easier.

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Cowco playing video games 1

Cowco playing video games Nº 1

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Why choice en.PlanetaEmoticon.com?

For all our emoticons are selected, reviewed and modified to be the right size. Each emoticon downloads you'll see in your Windows Live Messenger you will view in the same way as that when you chose here. And last but not least, all emoticons have a unique name, so it is easier to find emoticons given the organization we have we in a alphabetical order. Also be sure to revisit us because we will add more emoticons to continually enjoy your MSN full.

What is an emoticon?

In the field of instant messaging an emoticon is an image often represents a lively action, feeling, thinking, ideology or anything else that can be expressed in images, which are certainly many. It is mainly used to decorate the chats are usually very "cold" or dull in nature but is now very common to see e-mails, forums, blogs and more. Etymologically is a neologism that comes from the words emotion and icon. Depending on the country and language could be called in different ways, some of them are: Emoticon (as we call it here at Planeta Emoticon), Smiley, fronted, smiley, animated icon, kao, kaoani, among others.

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